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Cafeteria tapas bar.

Dénia is a port city bathed by the Mediterranean with more than 40,000 inhabitants throughout the year and more than 200,000 during holidays. On a hill next to the marina stands a castle, which houses the Archaeological Museum, where you can see Roman artifacts found in the area.
Since 2018, DÉNIA has adhered to the CODE OF ETHICS OF VALENCIAN TOURISM in order to engage in the hospitality of the destination, having an ethical behavior to achieve sustainable and responsible tourism.


A Fusion of Cultures !!
Dénia is the fruit of a wide variety of cultures ...

Iberians, Romans, Muslims and Christians have left their mark on monuments, museums, archaeological remains and in neighborhoods.

We invite you to discover Dénia by walking through each of its districts:

. Stroll through the city center, where the main street of Dénia, C / Marqués de Campo is located, with its terraces, shops and buildings of historical interest. The adjacent streets invite you to discover the history of Dénia through its municipal market, its old dry grape warehouses, the Plaza del Convento (Convent Square), the Church of San Antonio, ....

. Meet in the historic center, where you will find the Town Hall, the Church of La Asunción, the Church of Nuestra Señora de Loreto, the Ethnological Museum, ....

Enter the castle and discover its towers, stone walls and, of course, the Archaeological Museum.

. On the outskirts of the castle is the Les Roques district which will amaze you with its narrow streets and low houses.

The typical fishing district of Dénia, called Baix la Mar, invites you to breathe the fresh air and relax.

To visit  !!

The most interesting places that we recommend you visit in Dénia:

. The castle

It sits on a gentle hill near the sea and right in the heart of the city,  its physiognomy completes and defines the topography of a town whose origin dates back to classical antiquity.

From the fortress, one dominates the urban core, the Natural Park of Montgó to the Marine Reserve of Cap de Sant Antoni and the Gulf of Valencia.

The Castle is Andalusian Muslim (10th and 11th centuries), its history is closely linked to the development of Dénia.

the  ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM  is located in the upper part of the Castle.

. Ethnological Museum

This museum invites you to discover the costumes and toilets of the 19th century bourgeoisie, but also the clothes and working utensils that marked the urban, commercial and social development of this period.

The object of the ethnological museum is to disseminate the history of the 19th century; A period during which Dénia experienced an extraordinary boom thanks to the raisin trade. The raisin, as the economic engine of Dénia, was the foundation of a great urban development and gave birth to a cultural atmosphere as well as to a consolidated bourgeois society that took advantage of the progress of the moment, such as the train and the gas among others. . The culture of the vine, the process of elaboration of the raisin, the role of the port and the warehouses, the fluctuations and the apogee of its commercialization towards England, the north of Europe and the Americas constitute the thread of this museum offer. The graphic images, the arts and other manifestations, of which the museum building is a good example, reflect a city and customs that have disappeared although they are remembered.


. Sea Museum back

The Dénia Sea Museum is a new cultural space that has more than 400 archaeological and ethnological pieces related to the sea, from the 6th century BC to the first half of the 20th century.

It is located in the facilities of the old fish market, on the Esplanada Cervantes (port area).

And many other visits:  https://www.denia.net/a-visiter

This business of more than 130 m2 of premises is fully equipped and in order for business continuity without the need to close for updating.

The main room can accommodate 50 people, it is air-conditioned and well decorated, it opens directly onto a well-oriented terrace with the possibility of accommodating more than 24 people.

The current owner has owned this business for several years, he organizes his business around breakfasts, but also fast food and beverage sales.

Currently there is 1 employee and the manager.

Opening hours from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Low rent.


Ref com 562

Price :
         33 900 €
Rent :
                650 €
Bail :
             1 300 €
Lease :
         5 years renewable.