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Free buffet restaurant in a dynamic district of Madrid.

The barrio de Salamanca is one of the most important areas of Madrid, both for its particular distribution and for the famous inhabitants who have lived there and who live there.

The precursor, to which the district owes its name, was the Malagene José de Salamanca y Mayol, Marquis de Salamanca, who designed a new site with a careful construction to accommodate the aristocratic and bourgeois classes of Madrid. In a typical nineteenth century style, we notice its regular distribution in the form of a checkerboard, with perpendicular streets. Its buildings are particularly interesting for their architectural quality and the beauty of the facades.

Traditionally, Salamanca has been a residential area mainly inhabited by the country's political and economic elites. For fifty years, this residential character has rubbed shoulders with other entrepreneurial, diplomatic and in particular commercial activities due to the fact that it is one of the most important luxury fashion districts of the capital.

The grand 19th-century boulevards of the elegant Salamanca district are lined with gourmet restaurants and designer boutiques, especially along the "golden mile" (milla de oro). This area is the SPOT for Michelin-starred restaurants and the most chic evenings in Madrid.
Fans of fine cuisine frequent Platea Madrid, an upscale gourmet market housed in a former theater. The National Archaeological Museum houses works of art and prehistoric Iberian relics, while the Lázaro Galdiano Museum displays works by artists Goya and Bosch.

The district of Salamanca with an area of 540.93 hectares and a population of 143,598 inhabitants, the district of Salamanca is known to be a quiet part of the city, residence of a wealthy population. Many luxury boutiques attract Spanish customers there to shop in the capital.

For sale the business of a large fully equipped open buffet bar-restaurant located in one of the most dynamic and tourist areas of the Spanish capital.

. This case is composed as follows:
. A basement which includes storage spaces, changing rooms and toilets.
. A ground floor with the kitchen and the main dining room, air conditioned and fully equipped.
. The first floor with a second room to welcome customers.
The total structure of the room is more than 400 m2 useful, the main rooms are air-conditioned and well decorated.
The kitchen, like the rest of the establishment, is fully equipped, which allows business continuity without interruption.
The general condition of the restaurant is more than satisfactory.

The room is equipped with an alarm with a live video surveillance camera.
There is the possibility of obtaining a terrace of 4 to 5 tables on the public road.

The current owners serve fresh, quality Mediterranean cuisine to a clientele made up of residents living and working in this area, but also tourists who come from all over the world to visit Madrid.

Ref com MA 100

Price:         110,000 €
Rent:            14,000 €
Deposit:       28,000 €
Lease:         5 YEARS renewable