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Tapas bar.

Cartagena is a city with more than 2,500 years of existence that offers the traveller, in each of its corners and each of its streets and squares, monumental testimonies of its splendid history, of the civilizations that arrived there through its port.

The city of Cartagena extends over the hills called Monte de la Concepción, Cerro del Molinete, Monte de San José, Monte Sacro and Cerro de Despeñaperros.
It is a port city open to the Mediterranean Sea by a vast bay.
Cartagena's natural harbor is defended by a series of castles and coastal batteries built in the 18th and 19th centuries.
The city is the seat of the Regional Assembly, the legislative body of the autonomous community.
The beauty and conservation of Cartagena's seabed have made it one of the favorite destinations for scuba diving in Spain. There are large meadows of Posidonia, as well as colonies of coral, where many plant and animal species live. You can also find remains from other eras here, from Roman shipwrecks to ships sunk during the Civil War.

Typical meals....!!!
The city and its region show a gastronomy of , it is the capital of a natural region which bears its name, where high quality vegetables are produced.
To the seafood, we must add a varied offer of products from the cultivation fields of Cartagena, such as peas, artichokes, tomatoes.
Continuing with the traditional gastronomy, let's highlight the “caldo con pelotas” from the Campo de Cartagena, with a special mention for the “pelotas galileas” which are prepared every January 16 in Pozo Estrecho.
All these dishes can be accompanied by white wines, sweet wines, red or rosé wines of excellent quality, carrying the Protected Geographical Indication “Campo de Cartagena”.
And of course, coffee, el asiático. It is a mixture of coffee with condensed milk, cognac, cinnamon, Licor 43 (local liqueur) and a twist of lemon, all served in a crystal glass made for this purpose.

One of the most important festivities of the local festive cycle. During the carnival there are parades, balls, disguise contests and “chirigotas” (satirical songs), which attract more and more locals and visitors every year.

Holy Week
Holy Week is an emblematic and unique highlight in Cartagena. A local festival par excellence, it is lived to the full. It is the longest week of the year.It extends over ten days, from the Friday of Sorrows (preceding Palm Sunday) to Resurrection Sunday, ten days of popular fervor during which Cartagena also becomes festive.
The light, the flower and the order of its parades are the most authentic and characteristic features of this week. Declared of International Tourist Interest in 2005, it brings together, alongside the monumental character of its floats, the richness of the clothing of its penitents and the sumptuousness of its embroidery, its remarkable imagery, the particular colors of its Tercios de "Jews" and grenadiers.

Carthaginians and Romans
Cartagena lives in history, but history also lives in the city, and it does so with such a dimension and intensity that its inhabitants become the protagonists of the events that took place in the city more than 2200 years ago. These events give rise to unique festivals of their kind throughout Spain: Carthaginians and Romans. Declared of International Tourist Interest in 2017
During ten days of celebrations, all the heroic exploits that occurred during the years of Carthaginian domination, as well as the defeat and occupation at the hands of Rome, are represented and experienced in an incredible atmosphere that involves residents and foreigners. The troops and legions are the protagonists of re-enactments based on the city's history and of grand parades that take to the streets costumes and weapons worthy of the greatest cinematographic achievements. During the second half of September, Cartagena and its inhabitants are adorned with history and relive history for ten magnificent days by remembering the prowess of the heroes of Carthage and Rome.

Cartagena Cruise Destination...
Travelers who choose to enjoy their holidays on the high seas find Cartagena the ideal destination for a stopover on land. Culture, shopping, visits, leisure and the best gastronomy make this port one of the most awaited stops in the Mediterranean by cruise passengers.
And it is that this city, with a history of more than 3,000 years linked to the sea, is always ready to receive tourists and shipping companies with open arms.
will welcome more than 200,000 cruise passengers in 2023.
With 162 stopovers, this figure exceeds 175,000 arrivals in 2022, the port authority estimates that they will leave some 25 million euros in income for businesses in the municipality.
Cartagena closes the year 2022 with historic figures in terms of cruise ship arrivals, with a total of 185 stopovers. By 2023, these numbers will be exceeded and will be at pre-pandemic numbers. Although scheduled port calls are reduced to 162, the number of passengers (if all goes according to plan and none are cancelled) will be over 200,000, since "ships can now go at 100% capacity, because there are no more restrictions because of Covid”, according to the president of the Port Authority of Cartagena.


For sale goodwill of a quality tapas bar located in a tourist and hyper dynamic pedestrian area of downtown Cartagena in the region of Murcia on the Costa Calida.

Air-conditioned and well-decorated main room that can accommodate up to 20 people.
Small kitchen without smoke extractor, but equipped for the preparation of tapas, salads and other recipes without cooking. Terrace with capacity for 30 people, located on the pedestrian street a few meters from the main square of the city where the town hall is located, the museums and the main artery that leads to the marina from where boats land each year. hundreds of thousands of tourists from cruise ships.

The current owners offer their customers drinks, breakfasts and tapas recipes.

Ref com 624

Prix  :              28 000 €

Loyer :              1 200 

Caution :          2 400 €

Bail :               3 years 


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