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Tapas bar cafeteria  

La Torre de la Horadada is a seaside resort on the Mediterranean Sea located in Alicante and belonging to the municipality of Pilar de la Horadada. However, it is very close to the Murcia region, right next to the beaches of Mar Menor.

The climate !!
The climate is of dry Mediterranean type. In general, it is a climate with mild winters and somewhat hot summers. The average temperature rises to + 18 ° C and keeps the region in a sort of "constant spring", with gentle breezes and a sun that shines more than 3,200 hours a year.

Story !!
In ancient times, the Mediterranean coast and more specifically the countryside of the Torre Horadada suffered many pirate raids. In order to avoid this, Philip II had a series of watchtowers built along the coast, in order to alert the villagers of the presence of pirate ships. The Torre de la Horadada tower was built in 1591, although there are traces of the existence of similar constructions from Antiquity and the Middle Ages. From 1905 to the present day, it was owned by the Counts of Roche who transformed it into a summer residence. In the 19th century, the tower was used to make signals with an optical telegraph. In December 1995, it was registered as a property of cultural importance in the Spanish historical heritage as a monument.


Today !!
As a coastal town, it has known much of its fortune through tourism and has several prestigious blue flag beaches, the most popular being Los Jesuitas, El Conde and El Puerto. These local beaches are well known for their fine sand and crystal clear waters. Its popularity during the summer months means that the city's population can quadruple in size with many visitors coming from other parts of Spain, mainly Madrid and Murcia to enjoy their summer residences but also many foreigners.

In recent years, Torre de la Horadada has become home to many expatriate residents of Northern Europe, mainly from the UK, Ireland but also from Belgium and France. This led to the sustainability of the city all year round, which resulted in the advent of new local businesses and amenities such as supermarkets, bars, restaurants and the construction of a new modern tourist complex.

During the years of Spanish prosperity of the first decade of the 21st century, Torre de la Horadada, like many other Spanish coastal towns, saw an increase in house building, but unlike most other local towns, this expansion was characterized by being constant and controlled, which preserved its appearance and the well-being of its residents. As a result, Torrede la Horadada has resisted the national trend in housing demand and continues to have a number of construction projects currently in place.

The business of a tapas bar cafeteria, but also bread depot, this business is ideally located in a shopping center on the shores of the Mediterranean on the southern Costa Blanca.

The 50 m2 room is fully equipped to continue the activity.
With the possibility of indoor reception of more than 15 people, this cafeteria but also bread depot is a definite attraction of the shopping area.

The small kitchen is also fully equipped with professional equipment in good condition.

There are two terraces: a terrace in the main square of the shopping center, in front of the location where the events organized by the owners of the shopping center take place and another terrace at the back of the business in front of the main parking lot of the residential area and touristic.

The maritime promenade, the marina, the beach, the church, the pharmacy and all the local shops are less than 4 minutes away on foot.
The current owner has won the loyalty of a quality clientele around breakfasts, but also fast food, drinks and other quality products.

Up-to-date accounting.
Interesting profit from the first day of opening.

Ref com 567

Price :
        36 000 €
Rent :
            1 000 €
Bail :
             2 000 €
Lease :
      3 years renewable.