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Bread store cafeteria with a small terrace in the city center.


The thousand-year-old city offers much more than travelers expect. Three properties listed as World Heritage by UNESCO: the historic Palm Grove, the Mystery of Elche and the Pusol Museum. Its beaches, natural areas, culture, gastronomy, shopping and a wide range of leisure activities make it a unique destination in the Mediterranean.

- The wide beach of El Altet, between Urbanova (belonging to the municipality of Alicante) and Arenales del Sol, form an ecosystem of dunes, which makes the beach a model of national reference, since this kind of habitat is very rare in Spanish geography. This beach, with a stretch of two kilometers of fine white sands, has been awarded the Blue Flag for its quality and accessibility.


- Arenales del Sol beach, with almost three kilometers of fine white sands, is one of the most popular beaches on the Alicante coast, both for the quality of the water and for the richness of the seabed, as well as by embryonic, living, fixed or semi-fixed dunes, and even fossils. In addition, the beach is connected with the natural site of Clot de Galvany, a wetland located between the urban areas of Arenales del Sol and Gran Alacant (in the municipal territory of Santa Pola).

The beach belongs to Elche, which gives its name to this wonderful space, this area has all the additional amenities: restaurants, shops, kiosks, ice cream parlors and a market (between June 15 and September 15) on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon, where farmers come to offer their excellent products directly; in addition, this market has positions for the sale of clothing and footwear, among others.


The stars of Elche's gastronomic purchases are, without a doubt, the fresh dates from its palm grove. The harvest season is from October until January and they can be acquired at this time in certain establishments linked, most of them, to the families of date pickers who take great care of them. .

Sale of dates.

In Porta de la Morera street you will find two traditional points of sale: El Cor d´Elx, at number 25, where they sell, in addition to fresh seasonal dates, miniatures and decorative objects made of white leaf of hand-woven palm tree; and at the merchant in the garden Huerto del Cura, at number 49 of the same street, which also sells fresh dates as well as other typical Elche products such as fig bread (pie made with dried figs and pressed with almonds), date bread (with pitted dates and almonds) and white woven palm leaf.

Also in the very center, at number 2 of Piazza Rei Jaume I, is the workshop of Francisco Serrano Valero (open from October until the eve of Palm Sunday) where you can buy, in addition to fresh dates, pomegranates, almonds, fig breads, date breads and other traditional products, woven white palm leaves made on site.

Dates are also present at the merchants who are in the basement of the Central Market and in the agricultural markets.

The date liqueur is made with this excellent raw material as well as one of the most famous tapas in the city, the delicacies of Elche: dates surrounded by a slice of bacon and stuffed with a fried almond.

White palm leaf.

the palm grove of Elche produces around 150,000 copies of white palm leaf every year for the Palm Sunday procession which is so important in Elche. A few days earlier, we set up in the Plaça de Baix (Town Hall), Barcelona square, Madrid square, Pla market and in Doctor Gregorio Marañón street in the Altabix district, open air markets where the 'we sell the white palm leaf.

Since the last decade of the last century, thousands of white palm leaves have left for the United States each year for the Sucot, or Feast of Tabernacles, one of the most important Jewish celebrations. This ritual requires well-defined characteristics and an American rabbi goes to Elche to control the shipment of this merchandise.


The Elche variety of this exquisite fruit which contains many properties and which was introduced by the Arabs, is the mollar pomegranate, one of the most appreciated all over the world. Pomegranate juice sold in many shops (the Granavida companies, http://www.granavida.com/ and Vital Grana, www.vitalgrana.com, market it online, as well as other products), and the pomegranate ice cream made, among others, at the Huerto del Cura hotel, the Milenio hotel and the Dátil restaurant de Oro, are also very popular.

The countryside of Elche offers, in addition to dates and pomegranates, traditional Mediterranean cultures such as oranges, almonds, olives, medlars, figs and lemons.

Pastry shops and ice cream parlors.

The town center is dotted with traditional bakeries and pastry shops that make the best pastries in Elche: sardine pissaladières, mille-feuilles, Elche pies (with local almonds, essential for special occasions) and brazos de gitano (logs covered with jam, cream or whipped cream, rolled up and decorated with icing sugar, chocolate, meringue or whipped cream).

The artisanal ice creams are also extraordinary: you will find them at Illice glaciers (with its traditional mambos (chocolate and vanilla ice cream) or at La Nova Ibense, both of which have terraces à la Glorieta; near there is another more recent ice cream parlor but with high quality ice cream: Gelato Italiano, in Calle Aureliano Ibarra. There are also establishments (Llaollao and Smöoy, Hospital and Troneta streets) that combine yoghurt ice cream in many varieties with creams and fruits.


Elche benefits from a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and moderately hot summers. Throughout the year, the temperature variation is not excessive, since it oscillates around 26º in summer and 17º in winter. Rain is a rare phenomenon and it appears on everything in spring and autumn. Especially during this last season, torrential rains can occur caused by the accumulation of heat in the cloud layers and the arrival of cold polar air masses.


Goodwill of a fully equipped bread store cafeteria in the city center of Elche.

The air-conditioned room of 90 m2 is composed of a main room fully equipped to receive customers and display the products for sale, a reserve which contains all the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of this business with in particular several refrigerated cabinets, an oven , etc.

A small terrace on the public road in front of the room is available with capacity for 3 tables.

The current opening hours are from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. with a closing from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The current owners have no employees.

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Price :
         15,500 €
Rent :
                 355 €
Bail :
                      0 €
Lease :
         5 years renewable.