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Sport-bar-Tapas with large terrace in a shopping center.

Torre de la Horadada is a Spanish seaside resort located south of the Costa Blanca and on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
Its population is estimated including Pilar de la Horadada has 26,000 people living there year round.
The coastline of the Torre horadada stretches for more than 4 km, with different environments. There are vast beaches of fine white sand in intense contrast with the blue of the sea and small rocky cliffs, which sink into the sea and hide coves of golden sand, intimate and secluded.
These beaches are safe because there are no steep descents or drops and allow the little ones to swim in peace.
In 2020, four beaches were once again awarded the blue flag. The beaches of the municipality are equipped with many services, with good accessibility for disabled people, they are vast, with fine white sand and dunes covered with plants that bloom in spring, in stark contrast to the intimate coves of Torre de the Horadada. Don't forget to visit them at sunrise or sunset… It's quite a spectacle!

Pilar de la Horadada has sports facilities
 sports facilities modern facilities for practicing sport: football fields, tennis courts, paddle tennis courts, racquetball, sports fields, covered pavilion, climbing wall, skate park, bowling lanes, a running track, swimming pool. .. thanks to the mild climate of the Costa Blanca, a large number of competitions are organized throughout the year.

There is a wide program of sports activities organized by specialized monitors who are held throughout the year: Only 2 km away. from the city center, golf enthusiasts have an 18-hole course ( Lo Romero Golf) . 

MUSÉE MUNICIPAL GRATINIANO BACHES !!Opened in 1994 thanks to private deposits and donations, one can find the archaeological discoveries of the city there.

The five sections of the museum's permanent collection allow analysis of archeology, ethnology and numismatics, as well as the environment and fossils. There are also temporary exhibitions that provide an overview of the evolution of the city over time.

The office of Mr. Gratiniano Baches is also part of the museum's permanent exhibition. He was the first person to begin archaeological studies at Pilar de la Horadada, in the early 20th century.

Business of a sport. Bar, but also tapas-bar located in the south of the Costa Blanca and on the border with the region of Murcia, in a shopping center dedicated to catering and other businesses such as, for example, a supermarket, a hairdressing salon, agencies real estate and legal, etc.

This business is located on the first floor of a one-story building plus the roof terrace. 
It is oriented towards the main road, the giant screen of the shopping center and the location provided for the entertainment organized by the shopping center. 
The seafront promenade, the church and the main beach are less than 5 minutes away on foot. 
The business is fully equipped, which allows business continuity without the need for stoppage. 
The main room was reformed less than a year ago, it is air conditioned and well decorated. 
The small kitchen allows the preparation of breakfasts and snacks. 
The terrace is covered, it can accommodate more than 50 people. 
The residential and tourist district is in full expansion with in particular the creation of a health center in the immediate vicinity but also of a fun fair, a high school and a private school. 

The seaside resort of Torre-horadada and its village of Pilar de la Hoaradada have experienced significant urbanization in recent years with real estate sales, a record for citizens of Northern Europe and in particular many English, Scandinavian, French and of Belgians. 
This case is a very good investment in the short and long term, especially thanks to its low price.

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Price :
       21 500 €
Rent :
           1 000 €
Bail :
             2 000 €
Lease :
       3 years renewable.